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Cheray Polymer CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer)


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Cheray Polymer CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer)

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Cheray Polymer CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer)

——Composite repair and reinforcement system in process pipeline

1. Description

Cheray Polymer CFRP is a high-performance bi-directional woven carbon-fiber / polymeric epoxy resin structural reinforcement pipeline repair system that also prevents future external corrosion. Cheray Polymer CFRP is designed to rehabilitate and restore original operational strength to damaged, corroded and eroded pipelines while in service without depressurizing or lowering the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (“MAOP”).

Cheray Polymer CFRP is used polymeric epoxy resin system to impregnate reinforced fiber in the factory with automatic equipment. At this time, the epoxy resin system is in an uncured state and has appropriate viscosity, which can be wrap directly on the surface of the pipe. After a certain time and temperature, the epoxy resin system is cured to form fiber reinforced composite and then the damaged or corroded pipeline is repaired and reinforced. Cheray Polymer CFRP is a patented factory-saturated composite repair system that can be manufactured continuously in strict accordance with relevant standards and technologies in factory. Compared with the traditional wet lay-up system (Field-Saturated), the related variables (such as the proportion of resin and fiber, uniformity of the resin layer thickness, the permeability of resin to fibers, etc) of the wet-applied pre-impregnated system (Factory-Saturated) are strictly controlled in the factory, the installation process of the wet-applied pre-impregnated system is less affected by environment, which maximally guarantees the repair and strengthening effect and quality reliability of Cheray Polymer CFRP. In addition, Cheray Polymer CFRP can quickly and effectively repair and reinforce the pipeline and is suitable for high-temperature pipeline.

2. Typical applications

Cheray Polymer CFRP is mainly used for steel pipe in the petrochemical industry structure reinforcement or enhancement: increase the design pressure of pipe, repair internal and external corrosion defects, repair mechanical damage defects, repair weld joint defects, etc.

Because of its wet lay-up and low profile, Cheray Polymer CFRP can be installed on tees, elbows, straight runs of pipe, confined spaces and irregular surfaces that require structural reinforcement.

3. Benefits

• Factory-saturated, no mixing required

• Design conforms to ASME PCC-2, ISO TS24817, ASME B31, CSA Z662, DOT, API standards for nonmetallic reinforcing and repair

• High corrosion resistance

• Accomodates high pressure with Low profile

• Fits all pipe sizes

• Able to withstand high temperature

• Long service life

• 100% solvent free; zero VOC system

• High strength and lightweight

4. Working time

Unlimited an ambient conditions, 60minutes @80℃, less at higher temperatures

5. Limitations

Product will not cure at ambient temperature. Temperature shall be a minimum of 80℃ and a recommended maximum of 130℃ in order for curing to occur.

6. Related products

The following products are system components of the Cheray Polymer CFRP system:

• Filler: CFRP-Putty

• Primer: Anti-CD Epoxy Primer. CP-A

• External anticorrosive material (if necessary): Cold wrapped Polyethylene tape CHERAY POLYMER CAT

7. Properties


Typical value

Total Layers Normal Range(Typical)

2 to 6(One Layer = One Ply)

Maximum Recommended Operating Temperature

85℃ Standard

Chemical Resistance


Layer Thickness




Carbon Content by Volume

35% to 50%

Glass Fiber Content by Volume



82 to 90(shore D)

Flexural Strength


Linear Elastic Behavior

Minimum 1.2% Strain to Failure

Tensile Strength,Hoop Direction


Elastic Modulus,Hoop Direction


Tensile Strength,Direction


Elastic Modulus,Axial Direction


Filler Compressive Strength


Lap shear Adhesion


Cathodic Disbondment (28 Day Test Duration)

No Observed Disbondment

8. Surface Preparation

Surface preparation shall promote continuous intimate contact between the Cheray Polymer CFRP system and pipe by providing a clean, smooth, and circumferential surface. The best surface preparation is grit blasting because it prepares the pipe to a near white metal finish(SSPC SP10) with a 1 to 3 mil anchor pattern. For hand tool and power tool cleaning, remove all loose dirt and debris, rust, and other contaminants that reduce adhesion(SSPC SP11). In addition, the area to be wrapped should be thoroughly wiped with Acetone, MEK, Xylene or equivalent(SSPC SP1). Cheray Polymer’s composite repair systems are bond-critical and require a strong adhesive bond between the clean pipe and the composite system for maximum effectiveness.

9. Installation

Installation of the Cheray Polymer CFRP composite repair system shall be performed by Cheray Polymer’s product installation Guide, latest revision. The composite repair system specific installation guides generally includes the following technological processes: preparation before installation, surface preparation, mark the repair area, apply filler to all defective areas, paint the primer to the pipe surface, install the required number of wraps, seal both edges and the trailing edge of the sleeve with adhesive. Quality control inspection during and after installation of the system shall be performed per Cheray Polymer’s installation Validation Procedure: Quality Control Records, latest revision.

10. Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

Store at temperature below 10℃ away from moisture or any contaminants, in original packaging.

Shelf life of the Cheray Polymer CFRP - 12 months in sealed containers.

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