Company Profile

CHERAY POLYMER CO.  is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of polymer materials for anti-corrosion, coating protection, thermos insulation and fiber composite reinforcement product in the fields of oil and gas storage and transportation, chemical equipment and city gas.
The company is located in Beiqiao Hope Industrial Zone, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, with a comprehensive office building integrating office, research and development and testing and a production plant of more than 15,000 square meters; Manufacturing equipment, equipment is complete, inspection center equipment is complete. Equipment technology in the forefront of China.
The founding team of the company is composed of Three alumni of the Department of Chemistry of Zhejiang University in 1984, the main team members have rich experience, outstanding professional ability, professional and technical research and development ability in the forefront of the industry.
The company has a post-doctoral research workstation, listed in Suzhou Polymer anti-corrosion Materials Engineering Research Center, and Participated in the compilation of the national standard GB/T50538-2020; It is a member of China Industrial Corrosion Control Association, a group member of the Professional Committee of Pipeline equipment insulation and protection technology, and has a Class 1 qualification of China Corrosion control; Has the Department of housing construction anticorrosion, waterproof and insulation construction grade II qualification.

Field of Oil & gas, Chemical pipelines anti-corrosion, coating protection and reinforcement

 Pipeline field joint coating: Polyethylene heat shrinkable sleeve series, Polypropylene heat shrinkable sleeve series;
 Polyethylene anticorrosive tape, polypropylene anticorrosive tape, viscoelastic tape, viscoelastic paste series;
 Pipeline Horizontal direct drill epoxy FRP protective material;

 Pipeline Horizontal direct drill UV-curing FRP protective material;

 Solvent-free epoxy coatings.

Field of anti-corrosion, protection and thermal insulation of chemical plants, storage tanks and stations

 General anticorrosive coating series for storage tanks and chemical plants;
 Anti-corrosion material series for underground and overhead pipelines;
 Special titanium nano coatings;

 UV-curing FRP material for external protection of insulation layer of oil and gas and chemical plants;

 UV-curing FRP material for anti-corrosion protection outside large earth-covered storage tanks.

Field of reinforcement and repair for defective or corroded pipelines, storage tanks, pressure vessels 

▶ Advanced composite materials for reinforcement and repair series (glass fiber composites, carbon fiber composites, polyimide composites).

Engineering services

 Anti-corrosion, coating protection and thermal insulation construction services;
 Petrochemical refineries, tank, stations, and city gas corrosion hazard identification and treatment engineering services;
 Oil and gas and chemical storage tank anti-corrosion coating replacement and overhaul engineering services.

CHERAY POLYMER has become the world's leading enterprise in the industry of anti-corrosion, coating protection, reinforcement, thermal insulation products and technology overall solutions, and is the main supplier of anti-corrosion, reinforcement and repair products for PIPECHINA, PetroChina and Sinopec, and has participated in almost all major national pipeline projects in the past ten years, and the main products are also exported to the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South Asia.
In recent years, relying on the deep accumulation in the field of corrosion protection and polymer materials, CHERAY POLYER has continuously broadened the application field of products, and continued to make efforts in the field of tank corrosion hazard treatment, station corrosion hazard treatment, and city gas corrosion hazard treatment.