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We specialize in the R&D, manufacturing and engineering services of advanced materials for anti-corrosion, protection, thermal insulation, reinforcement and repair required for oil and gas storage and transportation, refining and Large-scale chemical plants, storage tanks, power plants and city gas corrosion hazard treatment, and is a comprehensive solution provider for the world.

   ▶ High-Tech Enterprise
   ▶ Member of the National Standards Compilation Committee
   ▶ Post-Doctor Working Station
   ▶ 30+ Patents
   ▶ Key Supplier of PIPECHNA

Committed to providing customers with

▶ Pipeline anti-corrosion, coating protection and thermal insulation products, pipeline reinforcement and repair products
 Pipeline Horizon Direct Drill FRP protective layer products, oil and gas chemical storage tanks, station anti-corrosion coating products
 Refining, chemical, LNG thermal insulation and thermal insulation outer sheath products, urban gas corrosion hidden danger treatment engineering services
 Other above-mentioned product installation engineering services

The value of technological innovation

The technical team is led by senior experts in pipeline corrosion protection and advanced composite materials, based on the company's R&D and innovation platform, continues to innovate technology and provide customers with one-stop system solutions.

▶ National enterprise postdoctoral research work station
 Suzhou Polymer Anticorrosive Materials Engineering Research Center
 A number of national and local innovation funds are supported
 Dozens of invention and utility model patents
 A number of world-class innovative know-how

The management system is complete

▶ ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System 
 ISO14001-2015 Environmental Management System
 ISO45001-2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

▶ Q/SY-1002.1-2013 HSE Health, Safety and Environmental Management System

Applied Fundamentals and Applied Development Research

(1) Research on the anti-corrosion failure mechanism of different field joint coating and buried tests

In the early days, anti-corrosion materials such as heat shrinkable sleeve had the problem of anti-corrosion failure after several years of project operation, which brought major hidden dangers to the safe operation of pipelines. Based on this situation, our company systematically studied the anti-corrosion failure mechanism of various joint materials, and carried out a variety of anti-corrosion joint filling methods buried tests at the Daqing National Soil Corrosion Field Observatory in 2013, and excavated and evaluated in 2017.

(2) Research on anti-corrosion materials and field joint coating for low-temperature pipelines  

During the construction of the first line of the Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline, it suffered severe low-temperature freezing damage, and the polyethylene jacket coating of the welded insulation pipe was cracked in a large area. Based on the dynamic mechanical properties of polymer materials at low temperature, our company proposed the low-temperature cracking mechanism and solution of the polyethylene jacket coating of the insulation pipe, and successfully restored the jacket layer of the insulation pipe. The above results were adopted and successfully applied by the design unit in the second line of the Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline, which effectively ensured the smooth implementation of the project and the northern section of the Sino-Russian natural gas east line.

The figure on the left shows the study of the low-temperature properties of modified high-density polyethylene