Pipeline Reinforcement & Repairing solution


Fix defect and ensure safe

Fields of application
◆ Repair of defects such as corrosion, mechanical damage, weld defects, cracks, etc
◆ Temporary repair, permanent repair, and overall pipe section repair
◆ Increase the safety factor of the pipeline and increase the operating pressure of the pipeline
   It is a better choice for the repair and reinforcement of long-distance pipelines, stations, water pipelines, oilfield gathering pipelines and storage tanks


Features and Benefits
◆ Patented design by international team
◆ Meet ASME PCC-2、ISO24817、ASME B31G 
◆ Aerospace-grade advanced composite materials, high strength and high modulus, long-term and reliable
◆ Factory prefabrication, zero-defect manufacturing
◆ Special machinery and tools construction to eliminate human influence
◆ No need to stop transportation, no need to change pipes, no need to weld, no need to start a fire
◆ Low security risk and low comprehensive cost



Products and Services
Reintec TM Reinforcement Advanced Composites
Reintec TM is a pipeline repair and reinforcement product with the world's innovative technology, which exclusively uses composite materials made of aerospace-grade polyimide high-strength fibers and other high-grade fibers to escort pipeline safety.

◆ Reintec TM imide fiber composite material series
◆ Reintec TM carbon fiber composite material series
◆ Reintec TM aramid fiber composite material series
◆ Reintec TM high-strength glass fiber composite material series
◆ Reinforcing filling putty