UV-curing FRP outer sheath solution for covered storage tanks

Corrosion protection once and for all


The soil cover storage tank is susceptible to soil and plant root erosion, which accelerates corrosion and shortens the service life. The light-curing material is used to carry out external mechanical protection and anti-corrosion protection of the covering soil storage tank, that is, a layer of light-curing FRP material is prefabricated on the tank body before the covering soil storage tank is buried, and a hard mechanical protective shell is formed after curing, which can prevent the erosion of various corrosive media, and at the same time enhance the mechanical strength of the tank to a certain extent, and greatly improve the service life of the covering soil storage tank.


Features and Benefits:

◆ Good anti-corrosion performance of soil covering
◆ Mechanical protection performance   
◆ Resistance to plant rhizome penetration 
◆ Improve the service life

Main products:
UV-curing FRP prepregs