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Viscoelastic-Mastic Composite Heat shrinkable sleeve


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    3C Dual-Adhesive Heat Shrinkable Wraparound Sleeve
    Viscoelastic-mastic adhesive composite configuration coating for field girth weld joint

    3C Heat Shrinkable Wraparound Sleeve
    (Viscoelastic-Mastic Composite Configuration Coating Sleeve,3CS),is the latest product specially designed and developed by Cheray Polymer Co., aim at pipeline field joint corrosion protection technology trend and client actual requirement. It completely solves various application defect of common heat shrinkable wraparound sleeve, such as complicated installation technological requirements, longer installation time, unstable manual installation quality and unsatisfied corrosion protection long term performance. 3CS has excellent competitive advantage as follow:
    installation technological is simple and quick; easy learn and operate; much save construction and maintenance cost; excellent corrosion protection long term performance. It is the perfect solution of field joint corrosion protection.
    3C Heat shrinkable wraparound sleeve is compatible to girth weld field joint coatings such PE, PP, FBE and PU, also for pipe bend, pipe elbow, fitting and coating repairing.

    3C Dual-Adhesive Heat Shrinkable Wraparound Sleeve is composited adhesive configuration with 2 layers:
    Layer 1:Viscoelastic adhesive and mastic adhesive composite configuration. Viscoelastic adhesive coated on the central part of sleeve, mastic adhesive coated on the two side parts like a belt along the sleeve radial direction, two type of adhesive seamless connect.
    Layer 2:Radiation cross-linked high density polyethylene.

    Installation feature:
    a.Steel pipeline surface preparation just meet ST2.0~3.0,get rid of humidity absorbed water on steel surface is enough;
    b.No need coat epoxy primer;
    c.Closure patch is pre-installed, save time;
    d.Installation process is same with common heat shrinkable sleeve, post heating is not necessary after shrunk;
    e.Installation can be done under ambient temperature -40℃.

    a.Simple process, Very easy application;
    b.Saving application time, quick installation;
    c.Long term and high performance corrosion protection;
    d.Be suitable for multifarious coating system.

    Shelf life:
    2 years, under correct storage condition
    ●To ensure maximum performance, store CHERAY POLYMER products in a dry, ventilated area.
    ●Keep products sealed in original cartons and avoid exposure to direct sunlight, rain, snow, dust or other adverse environmental elements.
    ●Avoid prolonged storage at temperatures above 40°C or below -20°C.
    ●Product installation should be done in accordance with local health and safety regulations.


    Application Guide

    3C Heat Shrinkable Sleeve

    Performance Standard

    ISO/DIS 21809-3

    Compatible mainline coatings


    Soil stress restrictions


    Max operating temperature


    Environment temperature range

    -40°C ~60°C


    Order Information

    Backing thickness mm: 1.0,  1.2,  1.5

    Example: 3CS-550/2.5

    Adhesive thickness mm: 0.8, 1.0, 1.5,2.0

    3CS - 3C Heat shrinkable wrap-around sleeve

    Sleeve width mm:450,500,550,600

    550 - Sleeve width, mm

    Pipe diameter    DN80- DN1200

    2.5    - Sleeve total thickness, mm

    width 400~750mm are available, please note when make order.

    Closure patch is pre-attached.



    Test method

    3CS Typical Value

    PE Backing

    Tensile strength

    ASTM D638


    Elongation at Break

    ASTM D638


    Dielectric strength

    ASTM D149


    Volume resistivity

    ASTM D257

    1.0×1013 Ω·m

    Heat shock (225°C,4hrs)

    ASTM D2671

    No cracking, flow, or dripping

    Thermal ageing (150°C,21d) Tensile strength

    ASTM D638

    17 Mpa

    Elongation at break



    Visco-elastic Adhesive

    Low temperature Flexibility

    ASTM D2671


    Impact resistance

    ISO 21809-3
    Annex G


    Cathodic disbondment resistance @65°C,28d,

    ISO 21809-3
    Annex F


    Mastic adhesive

    Low temperature Flexibility

    ASTM D2671


    Lap shear strength @23°C

    ISO 21809-3



    Annex L


    Peel strength
    @23°C    To factory coating

    ISO 21809-3
    Annex D


    Impact resistance @23°C

    ISO 21809-3
    Annex G


    Peel Strength after Thermal ageing: Tmax+20°C @23°C to PE P100/P0

    ISO 21809-3



    annex N